Your Global Digital Publishing Partner


“I’ve said this in public on a session on ‘Digital Strategies’ and I’ll be happy to reiterate it here. If you’re looking for a ‘Digital Strategy’ – find Michael Ross, look at everything​ he’s done and apply it to your business. He has excelled at many things, including multiple successful transformations of print businesses to sustainable and scalable digital enterprises.”​​

Sol Rosenberg Builder of Publishing/Content Enterprises

“Michael is an extremely knowledgeable resource in the educational publishing industry. He is well-connected to other professionals, and has a good perspective on the industry as a whole, including future industry trends.”

Nikki Navta CEO of Zulama, creative technologist

“What makes Michael stand out is th​at he’s looking to join technology and services with publishing. His perspective is always that we need to grow the industry.”

Jason Barkeloo, Founder, Knowbella Tech

​”Michael has brought clarity in his leadership roles in the industry—looking at what the problems and potential solutions ​are. He always comes to conferences and industry events to talk and discuss trends. His relationships are positive because he brings and shares his knowledge at the table.”

Tom Murphy CEO, Professional Publishing, LLC

“His contribution to the industry is undoubtedly his passion for excellence. You do it well or you don’t do it.”

Mpho Mathebula, Executive Director, Lintle Community Awakening, South Africa

“Michael is a genius for bringing like-minded people together. He probably ran a salon in St. Petersburg in a previous incarnation in the 19th century.”

Roger Rosen, CEO, Rosen Publishing

“After Michael turned in his analysis of our strategy with recommendations for going forward, the Board wrote me an email saying: ‘Why didn’t we engage with Michael sooner; we need to keep him on side.’ ”

Mike Gaunt, CEO, GoMadKids, UK

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Michael for more than 20 years. We have developed, marketed, and sold hundreds of books and educational programs in Egypt and the entire Arabic-speaking market. There is no way that I could have been successful without Michael’s leadership, knowledge, integrity, and ability to make essential adjustments for cultural differences and preferences. I consider Michael not only my best publishing partner, but one of my great life-time friends.”

Anas El Fekky, CEO, Content.Plus, Cairo, Egypt

“Michael has been instrumental in the development of our new K-12 educational portal and in going to market with the right business model. He has great contacts and is trusted by the entire publishing community. Because of his knowledge of digital products and the educational market, he has been able to identify the most appropriate content for our markets and languages. Working with Michael is a pleasure.”

Manish Wahie, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Knowledge Partners Limited, Almaty, Kazakhstan

“Michael has been guiding us as we make the transition from print-based products to digital platforms and from the library to the classroom. He has been leading these kinds of efforts for the past 15 years, and we believe in his ability to help us make the right decisions and continuously iterate to ensure that we are focused on engaging students and teachers.”

Linda Weigl, CEO, Weigl Publishing Group, New York/Calgary